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Reach Out and Read

NCHD recognizes that the development of literacy skills through early experience with books is significantly linked to children’s later success in learning to read. Children who receive books through Reach Out and Read enter school with greater vocabularies, stronger language skills, and a higher developmental level.

Books are distributed at our 6 sites during local child screening clinics and at Head Start registration; as well as the immunization, HCP, and healthy child clinics at NCHD. A total of 921 books were distributed during 2015.  Nearly 8,000 books have been distributed through NCHD since 2008.

In addition, anticipatory guidance is provided to foster positive parent and child interaction.  Each book has a label containing developmentally appropriate reading information for the parent to refer to as they share the book with their child at home.


Grant support from the Buell Foundation supports the coordination and implementation of the Reach Out and Read program through NCHD. By encouraging the development of early literacy skills through the Reach Out and Read program, NCHD is helping realize the Buell Foundation’s mission to support the positive development of children.

NCHD was recently featured in a Statewide Spotlight by Reach Out and Read Colorado’s blog and newsletter for the literacy-rich waiting area in the Sterling office. See the story here

For more information on Reach out and Read contact
Michelle Pemberton
970-522-3741 ext. 1239
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