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Testing and Treatment Support

Before you throw out any at-home tests that may be "expired," check to see if the expiration dates have been extended by visiting this PAGE.


If you test positive for COVID-19, treatments are available. Treatment works best if it is taken within a few days of getting symptoms or testing positive. Seeking treatment can lower your risk of serious illness.

Treatments must be prescribed by a healthcare professional. If you do not have a provider or insurance, use the link below. Scroll down the page to the Treatment Via Telehealth section.


For a map of testing sites within the local NCHD district, click the following button. Once the map opens, please click the top left icon to view a complete list of locations in addition to the pins on the map.

For additional testing resources, including free rapid tests and treatment options for uninsured and underinsured adults, as well as those on Medicare, Medicaid, and those within the VA healthcare system, click the following button.

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