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Community Assessment

The Community Health Assessment includes both quantitative and qualitative data indicators and information related to the health of our communities. It will help inform health department staff, government officials, and the community about our local health status and needs.
The link to the My Sidewalk Dashboard below includes some of the quantitative data on demographics, birth characteristics, maternal/child health, adult health, cancer incidence and death, behavioral risk factors, and other mortality data. In addition, there are links to a drug overdose assessment, and report on STI rates, and data from a substance and opioid use assessment conducted in our 6 county health region. 
This is the current Northeast Colorado Health Department  Public Health Improvement Plan. However we are now in the process of conducting an updated Community Health Assessment to be used in developing the 2024 plan. The 2019 version details NCHD's process used to gather and review data, as well as assessing the capacity of our agency and the region in addressing a few key topics. 

This is our strategic plan to providing better public health services to the residents of northeast Colorado over the next five years. 

CURRENT 2019-2023 Public Health Improvement Plan

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