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Healthy Child Clinics

Our Healthy Child Clinics are for all children, age six months to five years, and offer free vision, hearing, height, weight, speech, social/emotional, developmental, and dental screenings. The goal of these clinics is to pinpoint any health or developmental issues before these children enter school, and more importantly before any problems have a chance to develop further. These clinics provide an assessment of your child while they are healthy. The results of all developmental, emotional, and dental screenings will be sent to your child's primary care physician. 
We encourage all parents to participate in these free healthy child clinics.

Healthy Clinic Dates

We schedule healthy child clinics periodically throughout the year. If you don't see a date listed for your county, check back later or call Mechelle Beck at (970) 474-2619 x6021
or Tina Kohl at (970) 522-3741 x1237. 
Clinics are intended for ALL CHILDREN, age 6 months to 5 years. 
ENG_Healthy Child Clinic Flyer (Logan)_10-23-3.jpg
Monday, October 23, 2023
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Fort Morgan
Friday, September 29, 2023

Early Intervention Resources

If you can't attend one of our healthy child clinics, below is a list of other resources throughout Northeast Colorado where you can get your child screened as well as follow up with services, if necessary:
For all children, birth to 3 years
Early Intervention Provider (Part C), Sterling, (970) 522-7121 x 223
For all children age 3 to 5 years
NE BOCES, Haxtun, (970) 774-6152
RE-1 Valley School District, Sterling, (970) 522-0432
East Central BOCES, Limon, (719) 775-2342
Centennial BOCES, Ft. Morgan, (970) 867-8297
RE-3 School District, Ft. Morgan, (970) 867-2998
For children age 3 - 5 services are provided through your school district so contact the appropriate resource listed above. If you are unsure of the appropriate resource, please contact us,               (970) 474-2619 x6021.
If you'd like more information about our Healthy Child Clinics, please contact one of our Prevention Services Managers:
Kathy Reinhardt
(970) 522-3741 x1248
Mechelle Beck
(970) 474-2619 x6021
For more information about child development and early intervention visit one the following resources:
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