Reproductive Health

NCHD's Reproductive Health Program provides quality services to help meet your reproductive health and birth control needs. 

Billing for this program is based on a sliding fee scale in relation to income, and the majority of our clients qualify for free or low-cost birth control. Our services are provided by a professional staff and confidentiality is maintained. We do not deny service for inability to pay. 

Services We Provide

  • Physical exams for men and women

  • Well woman exams and pap smears

  • STI testing and treatment (Gonorrhea & Chlamydia)

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Birth control methods

  • Abstinence counseling

  • Basic fertility counseling

  • Contraceptive implant insertion/removal

  • Contraceptive IUD insertion/removal

Not all services are available at every office. To find out how we can best help you, please call 877-795-0646

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Birth Control Methods OFFERED

Nexplanon- The most effective method, a tiny rod inserted under the skin of the upper arm. It prevents pregnancy for up to four years. Pretty cool, huh? For more information Click here.
IUDs- There are two types of IUDs, one is hormonal and the other is non-hormonal. Both are placed in the uterus to prevent sperm from fertilizing an egg. Depending on the type chosen, IUDs can prevent pregnancy for three to twelve years. For more information Click here.
Depo-Provera- Depo-Provera is a shot that lasts three months. So every three months, you will need another shot to avoid becoming pregnant. For more information Click here.
Birth Control Pills- These have been around for 50 years! You just take one every day and they protect your from pregnancy as long as you remember to take them at the same time, every day. For more information Click here.
Condoms- With hundreds of different shapes, sizes , and brands, condoms are the most popular form of birth control. Condoms are offered for free at all of our offices. Stop by at any time to pick up as many as you need, no questions asked. For more information Click here. 

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

*Chlamydia-  A common STI that can infect both men and women, and is easily cured. However, if left untreated chlamydia can make it difficult for a woman to become pregnant. We can test for chlamydia Need more info?
*Gonorrhea- Any sexually active person can get gonorrhea, it is curable with the right medication, but can cause very serious complications if not treated. We can test for gonorrhea. Need more info?
Trichomoniasis- Is considered the most common curable STI in the US, while symptoms vary, most people cannot tell they are infected. Need more info?
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Human Papillomavirus (HPV)- Nearly all sexually active men and women get HPV in their lifetime. Most of the time it goes away on its own, but when it doesn't it can cause serious health problems. Need more info?
Herpes- About one of every six people age 14-49 in the United States has Genital Herpes. It can be spread through vaginal, anal or oral sex with someone with the disease even if there are no physical signs of it. Need more info?
Syphilis- Can have very serious complications if not treated, but is easily treated and cured. Need more info?

*We can test for these STI's
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Family Planning Clinic Schedules

Logan County

Monday and Friday

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Morgan County

Monday and Thursday

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Phillips County


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Sedgwick County 

1st and 3rd Tuesday

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Washington County 

2nd and 4th Tuesday
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Yuma County


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If you'd like more information, about our Family Planning Program, please contact:

Brandee Simpson, BSN, RN 
(970) 867-4918 x 2232