COVID-19 Public Health Orders

1) COVID-19 Dial

Attached is the Third Amended PHO 20-36 Dial for posting and distribution, which includes the following changes:


  • Section II - throughout this section, the hospitalization metric was clarified as requiring a minimum of 8 days of stable or declining rates to move from a more restrictive to a less restrictive level

  • Section II.D.j, E.j, F.j, and G.j:  repealed houses of worship and life rites sectors

  • Section II.F.k:  authorized educational indoor settings, such as museums, to operate at 25% not to exceed 25 people per room in Level Red

  • Section II.G.g:  removed the requirement that services rendered in limited healthcare settings in Level Purple may only be open to provide services that have been ordered by a medical provider

  • Section III.L:  repealed houses of worship and life rites sectors

  • Section III.R:  clarified that quarantine and isolation must follow CDPHE guidance

  • Section IV.D:  critical government functions definition amended to specifically include sheriff authorized search and rescue

  • Section IV.Q:  removed pastoral services as regulated through the personal services sector

  • Appendix A:  amended critical services to include houses of worship and associated ceremonies, such as weddings

  • Appendix H:  clarified that bars operating only curbside pickup, takeout and delivery are not required to sell food

Executive Facemask Order
2) Elective Surgeries 

Attached is the Tenth Amended PHO 20-29 Voluntary and Elective Surgeries and Procedures for posting and distribution. 

  • Section III.A.1.i:  clarified language regarding donning, doffing and fit testing of PPE

  • Section III.A.1.ii.a.3:  added that individuals with immunocompromising conditions may require a longer period of isolation

  • Section III.A.1.ii.b:  clarified that in addition to cloth masks, surgical masks are appropriate

  • Section VII.D:  amended the definition of "individuals at risk of severe illness from COVID-19" to include individuals with Down Syndrome, in conformance with revised CDC guidance.

3) Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Residence, and Intermediate Care Facilities

Attached is the Fifth Amended PHO 20-20 for nursing homes, ALR, ICFs, and group homes for posting and distribution.  A summary of the changes is below:

  • Section II.A: Revised indoor visitation to require when all of the following criteria are met:  county positivity rate is less than 10%, facility is conducting surveillance and outbreak testing, no current outbreak in the facility, 14 day supply of PPE, adequate staffing capacity and staff training.

  • Section II.B lists several essential services that cannot be denied for residents in these settings, including essential health care service providers, religious services, adult protective services, ombudsmen, designated support persons, compassionate care visitation, and emergency medical services.

  • Includes mandatory visitation guidance

  • Section II.C requires the facility to review the county positivity rate every Friday to determine if indoor visitation is permitted the following week.

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