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COVID-19 Public Health Orders

Public Health Order 20-38
Limited COVID-19 Restrictions

Attached is the 25th Amended PHO 20-38. Which was extended until January 31, 2023.

Public Health Order 20-20
Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Residence, and Intermediate Care Facilities

Attached is the 9th Amended PHO 20-20. 

Public Health Order 21-01
Vaccine Access and Data Reporting for COVID-19

Attached is the 3rd Amended PHO 21-01.  A summary of the changes is below:

  • Section I.A:  clarified that vaccine providers must make vaccine registration services accessible for individuals with limited English proficiency as well as individuals with visual impairments

  • Section I.A.4:  clarified that in accordance with EO D 2021 137, vaccine providers must make vaccine available to any individual who meets the age and dose interval requirements for the COVID-19 vaccines approved by the FDA

Public Health Order 21-02
Access to Care

Attached is the 3rd Amended PHO 21-02. The order has been extended through March 1, 2022 with no substantive changes. 

Public Health Order 22-01

Access to COVID-19 Testing & Therapeutic Treatment

Public Health Order 22-01 promotes sustainable access to COVID-19 testing for all Coloradans and therapeutic treatment for COVID-19 patients. It requires health care providers do all they can to provide testing and therapeutic treatment.

All Public Health Orders and Executive Orders can be found here
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