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Body Art

The Rules and Regulations Governing Body Art in Colorado address general sanitation and disease control and apply to every body artist in Colorado offering services such as tattooing, branding, sculpting, scarification and body piercings. 

Tattooing and piercing can present a health risk since artists can come in contact with their client's blood. The regulations provide guidance to 
help protect the health and safety of the artist and the client, in addition to ensuring the body art, the environment it's applied in and the equipment it's applied with meet the safest and most sanitary procedures possible. 

Body art facilities that are licensed by NCHD are inspected at least once a year. Due to the health risks associated with exposure to bloodborne pathogens, such as hepatitis or HIV, we do not recommend utilizing unlicensed body art facilities.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Only OSHA approved bloodborne pathogen training programs are accepted for certification. If you choose a training program other than listed, please make sure it meets OSHA and Colorado requirements.

There are currently 9 Licenced Body Art Facilities in our Health District

Americana(Akron), Washington County
Americana Custom Tattoo Parlor, Morgan County
Captain's Quarters, Morgan County
Ink'd Out, Morgan County
Soul Speak Ink, LLC, Morgan County
Spirit Wolf, LLC, Logan County
St. Jude Tattoos, Morgan County
Timeless Tattoos, Morgan County
Total Ink, Logan County
If you'd like more information about our Body Art Regulations, please contact our Environmental Health Manager:

Melvin Bustos
(970) 867-4918 x2262 
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