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Swimming Pool and Spa Safety

The Voluntary Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Program is the only one of our environmental health programs that is voluntary, meaning that facilities agreed to pay a yearly fee to have our staff come in and perform inspections and license their facility. This is why you will not see all of the 35 swimming pools and spas in northeast Colorado on our list of licensed pools.

The licensed facilities are inspected twice each year for things like making sure the main drains are meeting safety code, which helps prevent the chances of entrapment drowning for young children, and ensuring the water is safe to be in, lowering the incidence of waterborne disease outbreaks. Facilities who chose not to participate in the voluntary program are not inspected unless a complaint is received by NCHD. 

If you'd like more information, please contact our Environmental Health Manager:

Melvin Bustos
(970) 867-4918 x2262 

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