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Communities That Care

Communities That Care (CTC) is a community-driven prevention process that is proven to reduce youth health and behavior issues.  It is based on the premise/belief that communities are each unique.  CTC helps local coalitions develop prevention plans that are specific to their community based on their community’s level of behavioral health problems and risk and protective factors.  A key leader board is created consisting of adult and youth community leaders who work together to reduce risk factors such as substance use, school dropout and antisocial behaviors while also increasing protective factors such as community engagement, recognition for prosocial behaviors and bonding to trusted adult role models. Community choice of the proven prevention interventions helps ensure local ownership.
Communities That Care has a 5-phase process that provides a structured step-by-step guide and tools for building a community prevention coalition to achieve productive collaboration and collective impact.  The process is data driven and outcome-focused.  The process is designed to address the underlying causes (risk and protective factors) of youth health and behavior problems.  Proven programs are matched to local priorities based on local data.  This community-driven prevention process has been proven to be cost effective - providing a return of $11.14 for each dollar invested. 

Communities That Care in northeast Colorado (2021-2026)   

  • Sedgwick County - Julesburg No. RE-1 & Revere School District

  • Wray School District RD-2

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Can I be involved?

Yes! We want to invite the entire community to participate on our CTC board/coalition.

Do you want to affect change in your community?

 Anyone in the community interested in participating and being involved with the youth of your community to reduce risks and increase protective factors is welcome to join our coalition. 



For more information on how you can get involved:

In Sedgwick County communities

Contact Kimberly Jarrett at 970-474-2619 ext. 6023 or

In the Wray community

Contact Karla Young at 970-522-3741 ext. 1247 or

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