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Buyer and Seller Be Aware!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Planning a party or event? Select a caterer with a Colorado Retail Food license to ensure all food service requirements are followed and your event ends with happy, satisfied guests.

Food items that are advertised on social media platforms can be yummy and good, but could also be unlawful and harmful to your health.

If you are one of those entrepreneur minded souls who like to cook and share your wares, it's also important to know you are preparing safe food in order to eliminate or at least reduce the chances of foodborne illnesses also known as food poisoning. Potentially hazardous foods must be cooked and stored at appropriate temperatures and any facility where foods are prepared need to be clean as well as follow proper sanitization procedures.

In the state of Colorado a Retail Food Establishment License is required when you sell potentially hazardous food items. To learn more about all applicable laws or to obtain the necessary forms go to

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