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2020 Public Health Shining Stars

For the past few years NCHD has recognized Public Health Shining Stars that have been nominated by NCHD staff for their partnership in public health efforts of the previous year during National Public Health Week. This year we want to honor all of our partners and members of the community for assisting in the COVID-19 response of 2020.

“We are super grateful to everyone who has stepped up and gone above and beyond and sacrificed this past year,” said Trish McClain, Director of NCHD. “It truly has taken a community wide response.”

2020 was a challenge for everyone. Thank you to our partners and community members that had to change their lives in order to protect those they love.

· Hospitals

· Long Term Care Facilities

· Emergency Managers

· Coroners

· Schools

· Childcare and Early Education Providers

· Community Colleges

· Emergency Room and EMS

· Custodians and cleaning staff

· Business owners and workers

· Federally Qualified Health Centers

· Healthcare providers and their staff

· Government leaders and employees

· Mental Health Providers

· Law Enforcement

· Non-profit agencies

· Health and Human Service Providers

· Agriculture workers

· Dental Providers

· Transportation workers

· Translation/Interpretation Service Providers

· Essential service providers

· Local media partners

· Community members who stepped up and did their part

The Northeast Colorado Health Department’s mission is to protect health and inspire prevention and we cannot fully achieve this mission without our community partners. You are all truly Public Health Shining Stars because the measures everyone took collectively saved lives.You made a difference for the residents of your communities and for northeast Colorado! Thank you to everyone who stepped up in 2020!

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