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Healthy Communities Program may be able to help citizens ages 0-20 and pregnant women on Medicaid (MDK) or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) with basic non-medical issues. 

We may be able to assist you in:

  • Finding a doctor, dentist, specialist, or other service accepting Medicaid or CHP+ health insurance

  • Finding clothing, food, shelter, employment services, and other resources in your community

  • Coordinating transportation to and from medical offices and your home

  • Understanding when it is best to go to your healthcare provider, or urgent care center, or Emergency Department

  • By answering basic questions about your Medicaid or CHP+ benefits

  • Applying for Medicaid or CHP+ health insurance and determine if you may qualify for these benefits

  • Setting up an account on your computer for Colorado PEAK to apply for benefits, or make future changes such as updating your address, phone number, or reporting a newly born baby

Unsure if you have an Emergency?

If you are unsure whether you need to go to your primary care doctor, urgent care or the emergency room, the Nurse Advice Line provides medical advice for free.
Just call 800-283-3221
It is important that you establish care with a regular doctor to help make sure your health care is being taken care of by someone who knows you and your family.
As a part of healthy communities your benefits include:
  • A well child visit one time per year for children age 20 and under
  • Dental visits every 6 months with approved providers
If you'd like more information about Healthy Communities, please contact our Healthy Communities Health Navigator:
Abby Rahm
970-848-3811 ext. 3021
or visit:
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